Monday, April 16, 2012

Movies and TV Shows

5 Things I am tired of seeing in the movies and on the t.v.:

1. Super Heroes (specifically Spider man)
I mean many times are they going to try to re-create that same story only to realize that they either cast the wrong director or the wrong actors? Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed a few of the comic book/super hero movies. (The Dark Knight and Iron Man) but I've seen a few pretty terrible ones lately (Thor)...

2. Titanic
Really? So, apparently we need to see the exact same film again in 3D?? I don't! I know what happens at the end. SPOILER ALERT: The Titanic sinks and Rose couldn't move over a few inches to share part of her life raft/wooden plank to save the life of her one, true love, Jack.

3. Cop, Doctor, Lawyer shows

Aside from The Good Wife (which I love), will someone please come up with a television show that doesn't have to do with these professions. 90% of the population works in a different field. I wonder how long it will take television networks to realize that their ideas are repetitive and American audiences are tired of the same old stuff regurgitated over and over again. Here are a few shows that don't have anything to do with cops, courtrooms, or hospitals: Lost (who else misses that show?), Glee, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, True Blood, House of Lies, The Borgias, Happy Endings. 

4. Mysteries or Thrillers where they have to explain everything at the end.

I know, I know, Hollywood writers/directors think American audiences are dumb. I get that. I've definitely been sitting in a movie theater where a confused patron says out loud "I don't get it" or "What happened?" so I get that sometimes a lose plot line or unclear ending can be confusing. However, I completely despise how at the end of the show/movie when the conflict is resolved, the film flashes back to literally step-by-step explanation of how the clever protagonist resolved the mystery. (eh hem, The Mentalist, Leverage)

5. Happy Endings

I know that people will disagree with me on this one. American audiences feel unsatisfied when a movie ends without the boy getting the girl, or the kid beating the odds to save the day. Did you know that the end of Pretty Woman had to be re-filmed because test audiences booed when the successful lawyer moves on with his life instead of saving the prostitute from a life in the sex business. Yeah, unfortunately life doesn't always have a happy ending. I think movies should be a reflection of life...real and truthful. I think it sets a bad example for young adults and children. I wonder how many young girls, after watching Pretty Woman a bunch, thought that prostitution wouldn't be so bad. You meet a wealthy, attractive business man, make some money, fall in love, and then never have to work again!